Our history

Known our history

BANDEX SA was born in 1962 under the concept of innovation in plastic products.

Our first product was a super thin sheet of PSAI, which until then was unknown to the market. This is how we set the course that 10 years later would lead us to create the first line of food trays in Argentina. Thanks to our vision linked to sustainable development, we were able to raise two industrial plants equipped with the highest technology and meeting the most demanding standards of quality and care for the environment. In them, seven materials are processed – PSE, PET, PET GAG, PET/PE, PP, PSAI and BOPS – with which the sheets, coils and containers are manufactured.


Managing its resources under the pillars of Innovation, Quality and Excellence in service, Bandex has 2 industrial plants certified under ISO Standards, providing the market with more than 280 products developed in 7 materials and with a team of 308 people trained for its different activities.

Currently, following the new packaging systems, we reconvert the plants and incorporate technology.