In line with the Company’s Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Values, we work together to boost innovation and sustainable development, raising awareness on environmental care, focusing on four main issues:


Sustainable design allows to reduce the volume of products processed and discarded and the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. How? By selecting raw materials adequately, following procedures and strict controls during production, storage, distribution, and maximize its value throughout its entire life cycle.


Badex uses PCR -that is, raw material from recycling of post-consumed plastics (home, industrial, commercial and agricultural). After a cleaning and decontamination process it can turn into raw material suitable for food contact to manufacture new final products.

Every year we reuse the equivalent to 100,000,000 units of bottles, continuing the life cycle of plastic, ensuring a lower carbon footprint and energy saving compatible with our purpose of environmental care, keeping our high quality standards unchanged.


We not only use recycled raw material, but we work to enhance its ability to be recycled. We believe that networking is the best way to create sustainable solutions -that is why we are part of Ecoplas and the “Buenos Aires Recycles Plan”.

NGO specialized in plastics and the environment.

Plan from the City of Buenos Aires to strengthen the recycling plan with the participation of inhabitants and stakeholders.


Always focusing on innovation, we have an active role in all the initiatives to mitigate or reduce the environmental impact by exploring solutions of biobased, biodegradable and compostable materials.