In line with the Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values ​​of our Company, we work together to promote innovation and sustainable development, raising awareness about caring for the environment, focusing on four central axes:


The sustainable design allows to reduce the volumes of processed and discarded products, as well as the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle. How? Through an adequate choice of raw materials, with procedures and strict controls during production, storage, distribution and always considering their use, to reach the end of its cycle making the most of its value.


Bandex uses PCR material, that is, raw material obtained through the recycling of post-consumer plastics (domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural), which through a cleaning and decontamination process allows it to be converted into a raw material suitable for contact with food that is used for produce new end-use products.

Every year we reuse the equivalent of 100,000,000 bottle units, giving continuity to the life cycle of plastic, ensuring a lower carbon footprint and energy savings compatible with our purpose of caring for the environment, without modifying our quality standards. .


Not only are recycled raw materials used, but we also work to increase the recyclability of our products.
We believe that working in a network is the best way to create sustainable solutions, which is why we are part of Ecoplas and the BA recycle plan

It is a non-profit civil association specialized in plastics and the environment.

Plan of the City of Buenos Aires whose objective is to strengthen the recycling system through the involvement of all the actors that inhabit or affect it.


Always on the path of innovation, we accompany and get involved with all initiatives aimed at mitigating or reducing environmental impact by exploring solutions in biobased, biodegradable and compostable materials.